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#1 At-Home Pet Beauty Brand in Korea


Breezytail is a leading premium pet beauty brand in Korea, offering a wide range of skin & coat care and spa products for all dog types. Thanks to years of research and innovation, Breezytail presents a complete range of highly advanced pet beauty and spa products.  



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At Breezytail, our mission is to help companion animals in their quest for healthy life. We are the world leader in pet healthcare, with international skin & coat care brands recommended by health care professionals and distributed in healthcare outlets worldwide, including, veterinary hospitals, pharmacies, drugstores, medi-spa and e-retailers. Our brands portfolio is composed of brands originating from a deep understanding of science. The brands offer a range of health care products to respond to all expectations linked to the inner and outer health of companion animals: from dermatological and esthetics health care to natural solutions and from the most accessible ranges to the most premium ones.



Breezytail believes the power of nature and continually learn and make the best use of naturally derived ingredients whenever possible. Our genuine confidence in nature, and cared for our family’s health made us trawl the world’s natural ingredients. Our commitment to delivering high performance, botanically-based products go much deeper than our use of naturally derived ingredients. Wet think carefully about all the ingredient we use - where it's from, what its benefits are. Breezytail cares not only which ingredients we choose but also where it comes from and how it has been processed. We hope our products present both you and your companimal a comfortable and happy moment.

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Breezytail drew heavily on its background in science. After years of rigorous research and thorough preparation of veterinarians and other professionals from many different areas, Breezytail were able to understand how should grooming products constructed. We've weighted and mixed countless trial formulations for better quality without making any compromise. Every product in Breezytail has always been tested by the company founders with its 'human test first' policy. Breezytail is unrelenting in delivering you the highest quality products we can offer.

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At Breezytail, we place a strong emphasis on community, diversity, companimal rights and the environment. Particularly, commitment to helping companimal is intrinsic to Breezytail’s. We eat, sleep and breathe our love toward companimal. It’s in our DNA. We committed our company and our staff to the objective of "making the world where all companimals are respected and treated with love and compassion.

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