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Ayurveda consists of two indian words, AYU(life) and VEDA(science). It is known as Life Science or Science of Self-Healing in Japan. It gives us wisdom to further understand our own body and mind, heal them and live a healthy life.


The Ayu Herb Pack is a skin treatment with medicinal properties targeting at recurring skin ailments like yeast infection, flaking skin, bald spots and excessive oily skin. The Herb Pack has been widely in used in Japan for 10 years, and it has been documented to treat cases where even vets cannot.


This herbal pack contains organic herbs (100% natural ingredients), which are free from agricultural chemicals and chemical fertilizers that were grown in the selected farms in India. The ingredients are also recognized by well accredited organizations such as JAS in Japan and ECOCERT in EU.





The herbs used in this treatment are certified 100% organic and recognized by Ecocert and other such renowned organic organizations in the world.

The materials of this pack are selected carefully from the herb used for Ayurveda, which is effective for skin care, beauty of coat care, and insect repellent.

These materials use neither the synthesis and the chemistry fertilizers nor the insecticides.

The materials are safe to use on your pet’s face, even they can lick.



We have 3 types of herb spas in Malaysia, which are Doctor's Health, Moisture Health and Beauty & Health Herb. All catering for different type of skin issues and coat beauty. Moisture Health can also be used for normal healthy skin as a skin care maintenance spa to replenish moisture to the skin.  

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